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Summer 2016 Dates and Fees
Session I Opening Day Closing Day URJ Member Non Member
K'tanim 1 (Grades 2-3) June 27 July 10 $2,665 $2,965
K'tanim 2 (Grades 2-3) July 11 July 24 $2,665 $2,965
Grades 4-7 June 27 July 24 $5,330 $5,630
Grades 8-10 June 27 July 24 $5,560 $5,860
Session II Opening Day Closing Day URJ Member Non Member
K'tanim 3 (Grades 2-3) July 25 August 14 $4,160 $4,460
Grades 4-7 July 25 August 14 $4,160 $4,460
Grades 8-10 July 25 August 14 $4,335 $4,635

Full Summer Opening Day Closing Day URJ Member Non Member
Grades 4-7 June 27 August 14 $9,290 $9,590
Grades 8-10 June 27 August 14 $9,510 $9,810
(Entering 12th Grade)

Teen Opportunities Eligibility For More Information
NFTY in Israel with Eisner Camp Grade 11 nftyisrael.org >
NFTY's Kutz Camp Grades 9-12 kutz.urjcamps.org >
NFTY Mitzvah Corps Grades 10-12 nftymitzvahcorps.org >
Additional Fees and Discounts
Olim (Entering 10th Grade): For all Session I Olim campers, there is a $500 fee for the 4-day trip to Montreal.

Machon: Machon is a full-summer Counselor-in-Training program for entering 12th graders. Entry is competitive and requires an application, interview, and letters of recommendation. Contact the camp office directly for information and an application.

Consecration Certificate Program: Participating URJ congregations are eligible to join Eisner’s Consecration Certificate Program and receive certificates redeemable for a $200 discount off a child’s first time overnight camp experience. These certificates are distributed during the congregations’ Consecration Ceremonies each year. For more information, speak with your congregation’s Rabbi or Educator.

Sibling Discount: The first camper in the family pays full tuition, 2nd camper-$300 off, 3rd camper (and any additional campers)-$500 off.

Eisner Alumni Association Discount: Campers whose parent is a paid member of the Eisner Alumni Association receive a $100 discount.

Non-URJ Surcharge: Families who are not members of a URJ Congregation will be assessed a surcharge: The fee is $300 per child with a maximum of $500 for families with multiple children. The Online System does not automatically adjust for the non-URJ member fee family maximum of $500. This will be done manually after your registration has been approved.
Eisner Camp is committed to working in conjunction with the families and their home congregations to make a summer camp experience possible for URJ families in need. A child must be enrolled in camp for the scholarship application to be processed and considered. Scholarship assistance is provided as a credit on camp fees. The amount of scholarship awarded to each family will be based on the number of applicants and level of need. Scholarship applications are available upon request from the New Jersey office and are due by Feb 15th.
On a case-by-case basis, additional scholarship money may be available from your synagogue and/or local UJA Federation office. We encourage you to explore these options as well.

To request a Scholarship Application, please contact eisnercranelake@urj.org or call 201-722-0400.
Terms of Enrollment
  1. A DEPOSIT OF $350.00 FOR EACH SESSION PER CHILD MUST BE DEPOSITED AT TIME OF THIS APPLICATION FOR A SPACE TO BE RESERVED. If the child is enrolling for the full summer, the deposit is $700.00. The deposit is for registration and is not refundable and non-transferable. Payment of one-third of your total balance is due by January 1, 2015 with full balance due by April 1, 2015. Statements will be emailed monthly with final payment due April 1, 2015. After April 1, 2015, no refunds will be made and family is responsible for the full tuition fee unless a replacement is found. The payments can be made online or checks payable to Eisner Camp can be mailed to our offices. In the event of payment default, the camper’s parents will be responsible for any collection and/or legal fees.

  2. Should a child be withdrawn from Camp for treatment of an illness contracted at Camp or for any accident while s/he is living at Camp, a full refund on a pro-rated basis will be made for the period of the child’s absence from Camp.

  3. No child will be allowed to attend Camp without a completed and signed Union for Reform Judaism Medical Examination form on file with the Camp before June 1st. The URJ Camping system considers camp safety and public health as matters of utmost importance. The vaccination of all members of the camp community ranks as a key component in maintaining a safe environment and in decreasing the risk of transmission of contagious illness. Accordingly, the URJ Camping system requires that any member of the camp community in residence receive up-to-date, age-appropriate immunizations. The complete list of required immunizations and exemptions can be found on the Health History Form.

  4. In the mutual interests of the Camp and campers, the parents of the camper herewith enrolled will respect and observe the rules and regulations of the Camp, which have been developed for the benefit of the children. If for reasons of discipline a child is sent home, the Camp fee is forfeited.

  5. It is mutually understood that the Camp accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to any camper’s property. Personal Affects insurance may be purchased through Sobel Associates. Information about this policy will be sent at a later date.

  6. It is distinctly understood that the parent or guardian, in signing this application, certifies that the child is healthy, and agrees that after a place in Camp has been reserved, the child shall remain until the end of the period reserved. This application is accepted subject to a physical examination of the child by a physician. I authorize the Camp medical staff to administer over the counter medications—medicines prescribed for my child, including medications that my child brings to camp, those listed as medications my child is currently taking, and medications needed in the care and treatment of my child.

  7. Camper bunk placement is determined by school grade and is at the final discretion of the Camp Director. Requests will be honored only when possible and when within Camp guidelines and placement rules.

  8. Eisner Camp and the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) have my permission to use any recording or other depiction of (whether by sound, video, photography or other means) or testimonials by (written or verbal) my child or any family member for the purpose of promoting the URJ Camps, the URJ and its programs.

  9. The parent/guardian understands and agrees not to visit camp while camp is in session. Parent/guardian visiting day is for full-summer campers only details of which will be provided in our parent guides.

  10. I hereby give permission for my child to leave the Camp grounds for Camp programs and trips.

  11. The Camp’s insurance will, for non-negligent accident occurrences, cover all costs above and beyond those reimbursements made by the family’s insurance plan up to a maximum of $2500.00. All non-accident health care requirements will be at the parent’s or guardian’s own expense. A copy of insurance settlement must be submitted with all claims for reimbursement. I hereby waive any and all claims for medical expense for a non-negligent accident over and above that set forth in this paragraph. Camp does not cover the loss or damages of personal property. We highly discourage bringing items of value to camp.

  12. While at camp, your child will power down, unplug, and take what we’re certain is a well-needed break from the world of electronics. As stated in our Electronic Policy, the following items are not allowed in camp: Cell Phones, Handheld Games including, Game-boys, PSPs, Nintendo DS; Laptops, Net-books, iPads, Kindles, Nook, Expensive Cameras, iPods/MP3 Players with any video content). Crane Lake Camp cannot be held responsible for their loss or damage, nor does our insurance policy cover their replacement. The only electronics allowed will be mp3 players with no video content and inexpensive digital cameras.

  13. IN CASE OF SURGICAL OR MEDICAL EMERGENCY, the parent/guardian hereby gives permission to the physician selected by the Camp Director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery for the child, as named above. Every effort will be made by the Camp Administration to immediately contact the parent in the event of any emergency.

  14. I understand that part of the camping experience involves activities and group living arrangements and interactions that may be new to my child, and that they come with certain risks and uncertainties beyond what my child may be used to dealing with at home. I am aware of these risks, and I am assuming them on behalf of my child. I realize that no environment is risk free, and so I have instructed my child on the importance of abiding by the camp’s rules, and my child and I both agree that he or she is familiar with these rules and will obey them.

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